Roamer iPad Photo Booth with Stand

Roamer iPad Photo Booth with Stand


Sapphire Ring Roamer Photobooth: The Ultimate Mobile Solution for Your Photobooth Business

The Sapphire Ring Roamer Photobooth is the ultimate solution for your photobooth business. Designed to fit a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, this innovative photobooth features RGB-W LED lights and a detachable stand, allowing you to take stunning photos on-the-go and attract new customers. With a glass protection layer for the iPad, you can easily enter information after each photo session, which will be securely stored in the cloud. Upgrade your photobooth business and take mesmerizing photos at every event with the Sapphire Ring Roamer Photobooth from Photobooth Bay. Get yours today!

Get everything you need for a successful photobooth business with the Sapphire Ring Roamer Photobooth package. This package includes the Sapphire Ring Roamer with a true mirror glass interface, a 5-foot charging cable, a 110V-220V power charger, a programmable button to control the LED lights, adjustable stand  and a free trial of the iPad photo booth app for three events. The package does not include a powerpack or the iPad. Upgrade your photobooth business today with the Sapphire Ring Roamer Photobooth.

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