Portable Ipad Booths

Portable Ipad Booths

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Touchpad Ipad Photo

Introducing the extraordinary Touchpad iPad Photo Booth for 12.9" iPad by Flash Pix Booth, a revolutionary solution for starting your own business. This innovative and highly portable booth is designed to maximize your efficiency, save valuable time and energy, and ultimately generate substantial profits. Prepare to be amazed by the FPB groundbreaking features, including its state-of-the-art LED Controller with brilliant lights that illuminate every photo session. Powered by the ultimate Photo Booth iPad app, this cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless and captivating experience for both you and your customers.


Touchpad Helio Photo

Introducing the Touchpad Helio Photo Booth - the next level in portable photo booth technology! The Touchpad Helio Photo Booth boasts a sleek and modern design, with a durable aluminum construction that ensures reliable performance, even in the most demanding environments. Plus, with its highly portable design, you can take it anywhere and set up quickly, so you can focus on providing an unforgettable experience for your clients and guests.


Roaming Photo Booth

Introducing the Roaming Photo Booth: The life of the party that captures every moment. With its sleek design, high-quality photos, and interactive features, this innovative booth moves around your event, ensuring no fun-filled memory goes unnoticed. Instant printing, customization options, and a professional attendant make it the ultimate addition to any celebration. Elevate your event and create lasting memories with the Roaming Photo Booth.